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Top Tips to Increase the Worth of Your Home

When you officially announce your home is for sale, your emotions might start bouncing off the walls. Every phone call is accompanied with a rush to the caller ID to find out what news awaits. Those who experienced having their house on the market for a while will tell you how nerve-wracking it is waiting for a response that takes forever.

However, there are some simple ways you can help to market your home. By opting to improve the cosmetics of the home as well as teaming up with a reliable agent, you set yourself up for a good sale.

Don’t worry about going all out, just choose your favorites!

Improving the cosmetics does not have to include spending hundreds of thousands of dollars. Imagine what would stand out to you in a home, and review your house from there.

Obvious cosmetics always start with some paint. However, don’t stop once you have finished the kitchen; expand your primping to the front door. The curbside appeal will make a large impact on your chances of selling, so do not let potential buyers drive up to a faded red house. While you are outside, check on that greenery. Plants add life to your property, and color from flowers will draw people in.

Everyone knows that the kitchen is a major selling point of the home. The first easy fix in the kitchen is to address your cabinets and see if they need resurfacing. Leader of the Dynamic Estate Team, Matthew Brown, advises that if you do not have granite in your kitchen, try to invest. His experience has taught him “granite is almost expected to be in the house”, this is definitely an investment that will pay you back in the long run.

Don’t forget to give that master bathroom a little love too! Adding new tile to the bathroom makes a statement. Install some tile in and around the shower, the texture and color will complement the room drastically.

Once you have set the palette for the house, find something you consider fun for the home. Nowadays, people are fascinated by opening the garage with their phones. Install a nice thermostat that gives people confidence in the AC and heating. Do what you can to get people to say “oooooooh, I’ve always wanted a house with ____.”

How would you like to be relieved to know that one of the easiest ways to market your home is to talk to your realtor?

Believe it or not, one of the simplest ways to add that heartfelt touch to any home is to share your favorite features and characteristics of the house and the ways it can be enjoyed by a person, a couple, or the whole family.

It shocks our team members to hear that not all realtors walk the property with the buyers and see first-hand what they are inputting on their MLS. The Dynamic Estate Team cherishes the face-to-face interactions with clients and loves to hear all the memories as well as any added improvements.

For instance, a family that we have spoken with has a room dedicated for wrapping presents. When the holiday season rolls around, this room is the most heavily occupied. Other potential families might be looking for that quality in a house, maybe they need a room that can be devoted to a certain hobby or activity. Make sure to express all the ideas you’ve had about your house, it can significantly make you relatable to potential buyers and help them connect with your house without them even realizing.

On a similar note, let your realtor know if you made any additions to the home. Perhaps you updated from the money-saver hot water heater that was installed ten years ago, and you installed a top-notch heater that is more durable and reliable. Maybe it was a brick fire pit that you installed in the backyard. Remember, money that you put into the house might be able to return the favor; let us know about any features that can help persuade buyers and increase the value of your home.

You are your house’s best-selling feature; after all, you know more about it than anybody else. Your knowledge, paired with a caring team such as Dynamic Estate can be the biggest game changer for selling your home. Talk to one of our team members and set up an appointment to learn the true value of your house with all of its unique value.

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