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Who really owns the house? Millennials or the dogs?

Those who own a dog understand what it feels like to come home to a fur ball offering enthusiastic yelps and kisses. Most dogs in their “fur-ever” home, rule the house, get dibs on the best couch cushion, and own an exquisite selection of toys and clothing.

Our four-legged friends even have their humans trained well to keep trash inaccessible as well as any valuables that need protecting.

But just maybe, the canines have figured out how to “train” their humans into providing better room for play. One-third of millennial homeowners would attribute their reason for buying a home to the dog.

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It’s not a bad idea to prioritize Fido, the statistics may surprise you.

Did you know that millennials are more likely to buy a house for their pup than they are to move for their marriage or children?

A survey by Sun Trust Mortgage concluded the following reasons why upcoming homeowners purchase a home:

  1. Extra living space

  2. Chance to build equity

  3. The dog

  4. Children

  5. Marriage

*Homeowners between the ages of 18-36

Don’t worry, millennials have financial reasonings behind their decision.

Before assuming that the priorities of a millennial must be misconstrued, a financial motive might have played a factor in their decision.

When renting an apartment, pet owners must first find a property pegged as “pet-friendly”. That term sits in quotations because the word “friendly” seems stretched after all the arrangements have been settled. For most apartments in the Dallas-Fort Worth community, a pet deposit of $300-$600 needs to be made upfront along with a monthly pet fee.

Needless to say, millennials still pay initial moving and closing costs, so tossing a few extra hundred-dollar bills around probably does not prove to be an easy task.

No matter the reason, millennials are capable and accomplished in buying their own home.

At the end of the day, we want to see everyone happy and meeting their goals. The reason behind owning a home should be a personal matter. Whatever the intentions for purchasing a house may be, the right realtors make the difference in laying out the ground work for this realistic goal. The Dynamic Estate Team would be eager to help millennials across the Dallas-Fort Worth area find a location for their furry friend to flourish. Speak to a Dynamic Estate Agent about finding a property with a spacious yard and dog parks galore in your desired DFW neighborhood.

For more on how you can find a home for your pets, call (214)682-9765!

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