Foodie Fridays

Local Foods Kitchen

This hidden land of flavor will not disappoint.You feel refreshed walking in when you are greeted by energetic people and planters as soon as you walk up. The meal preps are stored fabulously in a glass fridge and the deserts are piled high on every countertop!

Tricky Fish

These fish may have been tricky to catch, but there will be no difficulty enjoying the flavor swimming off your plate! These dishes are absolutely savory and will not disappoint. There is a meal type for every person whether you want a simple sandwich, homestyle classic, or a fancy combination that makes leaves you speechless.

Snooze an A.M. Eatery

If you want the most important meal of the day, but in a new style, then head on over to Snooze!This place packs guests inside, outside, and upstairs to give the young adults their most important meal of the day! If you are in search of a flavorful twist on breakfast this will not disappoint!

We're all tempted to hit the snooze button on the alarm, but this is one breakfast you'll WANT to wake up for!

Hopdoddy Burger Bar

4.3 Star

If you would like to grab a bite right off the Trinity Trails, then try out this hot spot and peruse their menu of BBQ burgers, veggie burgers, breakfast burgers, and more! When that line starts to back up, starve not! The staff might bring out some sample desserts to keep you cool and happy!


2.7 Star

First and foremost, Matt gave a thumbs up for the hot tortilla and butter. When you head into the restaurant, you will be greeted with very festive music that will make you want to dance. Be prepared, after you start munching on those chips and salsa, your table will quickly fill up with different dishes!

Tokyo Cafe

If you are looking for fresh sushi, stop by this little cafe and 

look at their wide variety of rolls. If you prefer your food on the well-done side, the options continue. The outside of the building might deceive you because unlike its plain white exterior, the inside is full of color and liveliness. 

Michaels Cuisine

Soup for the soul. Michael's Cuisine does not skimp on presentation; as you can see, their bowl of soup is served on a white doily. The bread is brought to you fresh in a basket. We recommend you sit and stay for a while in one of their lounge chairs and feed your soul.

Heim's Barbecue

Everyone needs to find a barbecue that isn't afraid to load up their plate! Heim's does a fantastic job piling the flavors up on the tray. The rib platter started out full and ended up bare; this can only mean that they were A+. 

Lili's Bistro

4.7 Stars

Here is a little cafe that offers a little bit of everything. You can be cozy with a bowl of soup. You can be Italiano with their chicken dishes. You can try an American dish with a twist eating their quail sliders. Or you can pretend you're on the coast with some seafood platters. All in all, take a friend or two and enjoy the experience.

Boo-Ray's of New Orleans

4.1 Stars

Bring all the party from NOLA to Fort Worth when you stop by Boo-Ray's. If you've been craving Cajun, head over and get your fill!

Yogi's Deli &Grill

4.8 Stars

Voted Best Bagels by Fort Worth Weekly and Best Breakfast by Fort Worth Magazine. Now, the Dynamic Estate Team would have to vote best local bagels on this hot spot! Don't let the look fool you, they've been around for 21 years, but their food is anything but dated!

Righteous Foods

4.4 Stars

This is where health food goes to hang out. You can find a variety of detox and retox juices. Those who are on a Whole 30 diet, you will be able to pair menu items together that will fit within your meal plan. 

Press Cafe

5 Stars

FIVE STARS. Yes, you read that right- five stars.

Great food, GORGEOUS location, great community, events, and their special sauce- that's an understatement. 

Don't take our word for it, go get a table now!


4 Stars

Pick up your pizza here! Customize your pizza to your liking and enjoy your cheesy collaboration. Shout out to our awesome server, Lacy!If you are looking for gelato, head over there fast because they have a high demand for this yummy treat!

Fixture's Kitchen & Social Lounge

4.4 Stars

The parking lot to this lounge is packed, so the food must be good! Let us tell you, it was amazing. Look at the presentation of this food! The food is fresh and crisp, you won't need to worry about the crunch of your fried chicken or toast, Fixture's has you fixed.

Salsa Limon

5 Stars

A second 5 star review! A review like this isn't given lightly, so you know this has to be great food. This restaurant started out as a food truck, it was loved so much that they were able to open up a handful of locations around DFW. 

Their Mexican cuisine is authentic, real Mexican street-style tacos. Branch out beyond the chicken taco norm and experience local food that tastes exotic!


Razzoo's will have your appetite up in a second. The decor makes you feel like you stepped into Disney's the Princess & the Frog right into the soul of New Orleans. Their food is wonderful and full of that kickin' cajun flavor. Whether you are headed here for date night or just a lunch with your friends, we believe you will have a fantastic time.

5 Stars

Eatzi's Market & Bakery

4.6 Stars

Click through all of these pictures, you want to see as much as you can of this place. What an experience. You will feel immersed in the music, with the free samples, with all the displays of cakes and breads and entrees. If you are looking for a fun date night restaurant or brunch with the girls, this is it. 


1778 W McDermott Dr,

Allen, TX 75013

FAX: (972) 727-3377


7033 Bryant Irvin

Fort Worth, TX 76132

(214) 682-9765

(817) 504-3820

(210) 601-4387

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